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Amelia, in fact, this is an outdated request. Thank you. 

Also agree! It wiil be great to improve user experience with the possibility to hide native fields disused for everybody and to hide tab disused depending on type of acitvities for instance... 

Yes, the addition of this card met the requirements i mentioned. 

Hello, Yes it concerns that type of cards 

Hi Eric,

Yes I'm referring to admin messages displayed on the home page, it looks like this :

In my case, the goal would be to differentiate admin messages depending on the type of user and not to multiply messages for one user..

So in fact, it means that a user should probably have multiple message windows. I think that, if we manage this in terms of groups, a user wouldn't have more than 2 message windows on his home page.

Moreover, that type of admin message isn't very long, usually it's like 2 lines of text maximum. So, I think it wouldn't use up lot of space on their screen.