Your comments

Yes that sounds like a good option for those clients that don't want to display all. 

For us it would be useful for all notifications to go to the project managers back up user when they are out of office. I think this is what is being asked for here. I had assumed that this already happened and am now concerned that people covering for colleagues who are OOO are not receiving notifications for the colleague they are covering for.  

Great idea, we too have this problem in our workflow. Our designers get a group task to notify them that work is available to pick up and review, we have the role assignment for designer set to mandatory so they don't forget to assign a designer but if they return the brief for it to come back to review after it's been amended / improved then it might not be the same designer picking it up then so we'd like to be able to replace the role. 

This would save us a lot of time when building new workflows or modifying them.  

A lot of companies including ourselves have flexible working pasterns, this feature would help enormously and would make resource capacity a more viable tool for measuring workload here at YBS. 

Really like this layout, it's be great to see more functionality like this on the cards. The task card would also benefit from an update with the filters that were available on the old task list. 

Or you could just make it completely personalized like the column headers on list views. 

Really like this idea! Do you think you'd personalize by role the way that you can set DCT's to show different things depending on the role of the user looking at the task. 

Glad you agree Paul, did you ever use the old task list view? This allowed you to group tasks by project or activity and sort them using a filter all on your home page. It's similar to the task list that full users can have but it worked for contributors too. We'd really like to see that return in some form on the homepage.