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Agreed. We at AIG do not have custom notifications on the forms. This will just confuse and frustrate the users. 

Yes, this seems to be a simple change. Despite having it in training materials, it trips a lot of people up and we get a lot of questions. The existing terminology doesn't mean anything to real users. Something as simple as  "A required field(s) and/or doc upload(s) has not been completed." would help. And agree, if there is room -  add "Scroll down to see sections indicated in red."

Agreed. There is similar thread specifically re: removing paused tasks from the Task Inbox already has a number of votes.

Yes, AIG users are not happy with this change. Very poor user experience for the reasons already noted. Also, users were in the habit of closing out of the annotation viewer tab once done and would then still have their task tab open to vote on, etc. Due to habit, they are closing out of the annotation viewer tab and inadvertently their task as well and having to go back into the task inbox.

Agreed. This would be very helpful. At year end, I needed this feature.


I believe the "Unable to assign task/task stuck" notification goes to the Workflow Manager, not the Project Manager - or the project manager's backup.

Since the backup function only applies the project manager role, not the workflow manager, this does cause issues. At AIG, our project managers also serve as the workflow managers, but the backup has no way of knowing if a workflow gets stuck unless they manually go into every job they are covering at onset and change the workflow manager role to themselves (and the original project manager will have to revert it back upon return.) Too time consuming.

I would like the option to not send  the report at all if blank or send with a customized message --

 depending on the report and who it's being sent to. For example, a compliance report - while blank -still needs to go to Compliance for auditing purposes. A blank project request report would not need to be sent to a requestor if they have no open requests. A blank report could jjust cause confusion. While an Outlook rule could be applied, I'd prefer not to put the  onus on our internal clients  if possible.

Is there any update on this? Currently the paused tasks are still showing in the Task Inbox and users are able to act -  at least partially - on the task.

It's not until the user attempts to close that the "cannot close due to status of workflow" message appears. At this point, it's too late.

For example, a designer accessed annotations, made them, uploaded the new version and then went to close the task. It was at this point he got the "cannot close" message which was too late - he'd already made revisions he thought needed to be made.

I agree. AIG would prefer paused tasks to not show in the Task Inbox at all. It causes confusion and clutters the inbox. And to Paul's point, paused tasks are automatically removed from My Tasks so that causes more confusion, and it stands to reason if paused tasks are removed from My Tasks that they would automatically be removed form the Task Inbox.