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I would like the option to not send  the report at all if blank or send with a customized message --

 depending on the report and who it's being sent to. For example, a compliance report - while blank -still needs to go to Compliance for auditing purposes. A blank project request report would not need to be sent to a requestor if they have no open requests. A blank report could jjust cause confusion. While an Outlook rule could be applied, I'd prefer not to put the  onus on our internal clients  if possible.

Is there any update on this? Currently the paused tasks are still showing in the Task Inbox and users are able to act -  at least partially - on the task.

It's not until the user attempts to close that the "cannot close due to status of workflow" message appears. At this point, it's too late.

For example, a designer accessed annotations, made them, uploaded the new version and then went to close the task. It was at this point he got the "cannot close" message which was too late - he'd already made revisions he thought needed to be made.

I agree. AIG would prefer paused tasks to not show in the Task Inbox at all. It causes confusion and clutters the inbox. And to Paul's point, paused tasks are automatically removed from My Tasks so that causes more confusion, and it stands to reason if paused tasks are removed from My Tasks that they would automatically be removed form the Task Inbox. 

Agreed that this would be a great improvement. Underscore the ability to turn off and on the feature though since large edits can cause pages not to align as easily or any longer.

Yes, have had multiple users convey their frustrations over having to resize columns repeatedly. We want to keep the ability to resize the columns to each user preference, but the once set - those widths should stay.

Agree on all accounts. Our users typically have an average of 80+ projects. Listing only 4 is not helpful. And those four currently can't be filtered to be the owner. They don't show the user "My Projects" as the title of the card notes, but rather whatever are the last 4 you searched regardless of owner.

Yes, this is very much needed. As an admin, I spend a lot of time reconciling user's OOO because currently scenario 1 listed above DOESN'T happen  - and it seems logical to users that it would. They assume it does. Very often two people are each other's backups and their PTO overlaps and then a third backup is assigned.

Needed for Scenario 2 as well. User A needs User B to be their backup the first week because User B has capacity the first week, but not weeks 2 and 3 so User C - who has capacity weeks 2 and 3  - needs to be assigned as User A's backup.

Agreed. Needed. Paused tasks cause a lot of confusion and frustration for users. Additional work for managers and admins to stop, look and explain.