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A "System Type" for EAs would be very helpful in my opinion.

For Comcast, Work Request level would be sufficient. Our main use case is the "X days from today" option and it would be for Extended Attributes. 

Thanks Eric,

I appreciate the detailed response. We weren't able to make the EAs in question not required as they were displayed on Work Request Forms and the only option for required vs optional at the Work Request Form level is the EA configuration in system tools. Regardless, I will be making changes to our main workflow/DCT configuration that should resolve this issue but I did want to clarify one comment you made for my own knowledge.

"Once you set a value into a system level required EA, you can never set it back to "empty/null" again. This is true on the Activity or Project Edit pages as well. A required EA must be completed when it is visible and once you complete it, you cannot remove that value again anymore."

EAs can be required at the system tool level but set to not required in a DCT. Is the description below accurate for the current functionality?

- EA that is required at system level is displayed as not required in a task DCT

- Task can be submitted with no value entered into that EA 
- If a value is entered into that same EA, the value can be removed but the task will not be able to be submitted until that  EA has a value in it

Hi Eric,

Any updates on timing or expected functionality for the request?

I fully agree that this would be a beneficial enhancement. Our process is to either cancel a Project through a Yes/No Cancel field in a task, which triggers a required text field that is sent as a notification to the requester and is used for monitoring/audits, or to add a comment to the Notes section of the Project any time the Cancel button on the project level is utilized.

Thanks Eric! This is perfect and meets our needs. I had asked if there was an option for this functionality and was told it wasn't available so this is great news.

A couple of our users have reported this as well and I have seen this happen to multiple users firsthand. To elaborate on the scenario, a user will close a task, have 0 in process tasks assigned to them, and still see the most recent task they closed in their Inbox. Logging out and logging back in has been a successful workaround for us.

I believe this is a bug vs. expected behavior because I have closed hundreds of tasks myself for testing purposes and have never been impacted. In general, I've found that infrequent users run into issues like this, as well as general system slowness, more often than users who are in the system frequently. 

For our main processes, the system SLA date is not accurate. We have a couple side processes that the date is accurate but if we were able to display an EA date instead, we could use EAs to accommodate the side processes as well.