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We have the same situation/use case that Matt Chabot mentions. We use a period in the Activity Title.  We also need the requestor to type in the exact name of their request. 

Ideally it would be beneficial to have it be visual and very apparent that it's paused without hovering over greyed out buttons. Sometime are endusers assume something is incorrect when they see items that are greyed out. Are there notifications that to out when Projects are paused?  Ideally once they are paused and once they are unpaused.

We had added this enhancement last summer.  This is what we were looking for - Some review documents are hard for Creative Team to work because the large dimension of the creative files does not cooperate with the zoom +/-. I recommend Aprimo adds a “fit to width” and “fit to length” zoom options into the section that allows a user to zoom in / out based on a hard % number.