Your comments

I agree with Aimee, currently to test new configurations or trouble shoot, I have a secondary account that I have to constantly change and manipulate to satisfy various scenarios.  

Agreed.  Having both the ability to select all for a page and select all for the entirety of a search would be very useful.  

This would be very useful for my organization as well. 

My suggestion (which if your team has a better one, feel free to imagine) would be to either indicate the search settings on the new ui's page under "Space Contents" or when the user selects "navigate to Assets" from the new ui, when they drop onto the Advanced searching on records page, it has the current search pre-populated.  

Possibly alphabetical or by field definitions. 

For example I have a "date created" field definition which is a more accurate timeline sort order than "recently added" for my purposes. 


Currently the only way I can receive this information is to request it sporadically on a case by case basis in Service Now.  This is rather inconvenient and time consuming.  

Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know. 

Thanks Petra! Do you have an idea as to the eta for this? or at least where it is falling on your road map?

Thank you!