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Both new versions or promoting other files to master file could be used to change the master file on an asset, the former being the most likely.

We want to recreate the FPO renditions when the master file of an asset is changed. These low-res renditions are used with the CC connector.

This would be most useful when rebuilding a package that was uploaded and unpacked by means of the package ingestion functionality. This means that it would apply to packages downloaded with the Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.Actions.DownloadPackage action. To end users, it may be confusing if they upload a ZIP package of 600MB, and it has a size of 900MB when they download it again.

EMF is needed as an alternative to EPS, as the latter is no longer supported by Microsoft PowerPoint.

Hello Daniel

I understand that the number of fields will be limited. Being able to search on name would already be a big help. Thank you very much for your consideration!