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Hi Aprimo Team
Most of Citi enhancements are New or Entered (no change in status after entered) status. In what basic Aprimo reviewing these enhancements in Voice and in what basic those qualified?

This particular enhancement we requested to Aprimo in early 2017 and they told to enter the same in Aprimo Service Now. No improve there. And then two months before, Aprimo told "Aprimo will move Service now enhancements to Voice". After Aprimo told Citi to enter enhancements in Voice. We did and not improvements.

Business Case: • Eliminate/streamline the resource gathering and role assignment process with cross-functional teams. • Reduce user confusion with activity/project role assignment. Limit interaction within the task worksheet, which results in further errors incurred during task worksheet updates. Additional errors require business admin intervention. • Streamline the user workflow & experience. Keep user on the task and focused on completion of the work. • Eliminate stuck tasks, broken workflows and confusion of role assignment. • Reduce limitation of portal user’s vs full users. Would allow portal users to assign resources without contacting a full user’s (PM) who would execute the assignment on their behalf. • Reduce the users overall management of the Aprimo product vs executing business/partner work. Reduce complications and road blocks impacting speed to marketing • Reduce business admin support for issues encountered during role assignment at the activity/project level.

Here Our issue is bit different.

we have business using Aprimo as content management system and as well as workflow management system.

Content Management means -  as of now have almost 1000 EA (activity + project + Task) in our environment.

Among those at least 900 EAs are used to get value from the end user and then display those in different parts of workflow or in other workflow within an activity. So we are using Activity and Project level EAs mostly.

Before using Aprimo most our end users are using excel files in share point and email communications. So If we are asking them to move all the EA excel files and upload them in Aprimo, then They are not willing to do so. Because it is increasing the their work no way it reducing the work.

So we are search for alternate options, we reduce almost 400 project level EAs, by re review those requirement last year. Some other are covered by Task level EA and Reports. We all know Aprimo MPM reports are not more sophisticated. Even we are not able to trigger a report from a task with parameters. :)

Aprimo suggested as Generic Objects. We went through that option and we are able to use/link only "Alpha" in Task. All other object no use. We did a small POC with Alpha object that we are able to link with Activity and show it in Task. Our business was not happy with that design, as we are not able to control that using workflow or Task or Roles.

So now we have only two options

1. Increase the EA limit beyond 1023

2. Useful Alternate approach for Content Management inside Aprimo

        1. capture requirement in Excel then User should able to preview that excel in Task inbox itself

        2. Or Aprimo Suggested/told Dynamic  Row EAs those are in road map 2017

Today we have Activity Request Forms, what we expecting is a Project Request Form.

Activity Request Forms will create an activity, then under that activity it will create a project.

So in-order to create a project, we should create an activity.

Project Request Form will create only project. You say New Project from template doing the same work. But this option is only for Full users not for Contributors. Also it will be a more abstract way to start a project.

Capability to allow users to assign user roles while executing a task in the task inbox. Users would remain on the task and have the ability to select one or more resources (users) and the system would automatically populate specified resources in activity/project “role” upon task closure.

we should be able to send parameters also in the background. so that once the end user click on the link pdf/excel format report will be displayed to them.

We had this requirement for one of our use case.

PM will raise a issue. then this issue will be send to each team (10 to 20 teams). Each team will access the impact.

at the end of it we need to show the information all them provide on this issue.

Now the PM going to reports page, search for the report and enter the project id and then he/she able to see the information provided.

we are using task level EA for this requirement. Because we need to get at lease 5 to 8 field information. if we are using project level EA for this then we have to spend 8* 20  = 160 EAs. In order to avoid this we are using 8 task level EAs.

As we are using task level EAs, all are got reset when the task got close. Yes, that is the functionality of task level EA.

Else, we should talk about better content management options in Aprimo, in-order to entertain these kind of business requirements.

Yes, we want way to update the project and activity title using EA Value's provided in the Job starter or activity/project page when user creating those.
Example: Let say requirement is to trigger same workflow based on multiselect EA value ( Channels).

So we should trigger one project/workflow template for each channel in same activtiy.

when we do this, all project name will be in workflow template name. and when go to project list page you can't differentiate project according the channels.

For Activity name change, one my teammate working in India have valid scenario. I will get you by tomorrow.


Sorry I entered Task by mistake. But having ability to edit task title with EA values will be helpful.

It will be relay helpful when we have mass project update like we have it in Activity Cells update page.