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Yes, Tarun. That will help in building MPM reports in Aprimo.

We going to have in-house BI as  long term solution. For that we are looking for this information.

I like legacy list view compare to modern gird view

also usage list showing History of usage. It will be useful if it shows current usage list.

Please create a one place report to pull this information as a temp solution.

I asked this question to Trista.

Aprimo Connect also contains a low code no code environment to facilitate integrations with other systems.

Let say I want to show list of Activities in Citi Internal website. Then what I have to do is.

  1. Create an internal service that calls Aprimo Connect/Rest API.
  2. Call that Service in view page (Angular JS/ASP.NET page)

Is Petra saying, I can call Aprimo Connect/REST API from Angular JS/ASP.NET page. Means skip the first step, create a service.

Can Aprimo create a report for notification history with date range?

I agree on displaying Attachment Type, also the version and version comments.

Like this one.
Typically we want to see relationship between DCT EA, Step Checklist,Document upload and Review Vote.

When you approve you have to fill this EA

when you approve you have to upload this document

when you approve you have to make sure checklist points.

same for reject

When you reject you have to fill this EA

when you reject you have to upload this document

when you reject you have to make sure checklist points.


when particular EA value selected on pick list, make document upload mandatory otherwise optional.

Yes, we can do this using 2 simple steps today.

I would expect on what we had earlier in xml gateway
I used send a below request to query a table 

The requirement I entered is different. Sorry for the Confusion.

Hyperlink in a task will pull a report. That particular report will use Activity ID, project ID or other EA information as report parameters and generate the report for the end user.

If you want to raise a separate voice request for this then please let me know. I will raise one.

We want to see ID as ID.

For example, If we want to display Activity ID in DCT, then it will be displayed based on the user profile Number Format.

This applies to both default attributes and extended attributes.