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Agreed. As an administrator I would also like to be able to restrict a users to only the Assets Studio or only the New DAM UI (or both) and have users automatically redirected to the New DAM UI after logon.

A small note: you can already surface this info via a (complex) reference:

<ref:catch ex="System.Exception" out="">
<ref:record file="master" out="info" xpath="/metadata/movie/videoWidth" store="@width"/>
<ref:record file="master" out="info" xpath="/metadata/movie/videoHeight" store="@height"/>
<ref:record file="master" out="info" xpath="/metadata/raster/pixelsWidth" store="@width" onVariable="IsEmpty(@width)" />
<ref:record file="master" out="info" xpath="/metadata/raster/pixelsHeight" store="@height" onVariable="IsEmpty(@height)"/>
<ref:eval expression="@width/@height" store="@aspectRatio"/>
<ref:compare value1="1" value2="@aspectRatio" store="@isSquare"/>
<ref:text out="Square" onVariable="IsNotZero(@isSquare)"/>
<ref:text onVariable="IsZero(@isSquare)">
<ref:eval expression="@aspectRatio - 1" store="@aspectRatioMinusOne"/>
<ref:text out="@aspectRatioMinusOne" left="1" store="@firstCharacter"/>
<ref:compare value1="-" value2="@firstCharacter" store="@isPortrait"/>
<ref:text out="Portrait" onVariable="IsNotZero(@isPortrait)"/>
<ref:text out="Landscape" onVariable="IsZero(@isPortrait)"/>

Hi Carson,

I did a quick test and was able to process AIT files. I did need to create a new file type for AIT files by creating a duplicate, based on the AI file type:

and then updating the name and extension for that new file type:

Could you give that a try?

For example:

  • Instead of applying a watermark or reclassifying an asset, I want to update a field "Status" of datatype "OptionList" when an asset expires
  • When an asset is linked into a classification named "Archive" I want to set a field "Archive Date" of datatype "Date"

I would like to be able to use version creation date in the configuration of Rules. For example: I would like to mark an asset as UPDATE for 30 days after a new version for an existing file has been uploaded.

Hi Adam; the DAM is already able to do this. Could you have a look at and see whether this is the functionality you are looking for?

Hi Adam; i believe the process of editing multiple records is already part of the SaaS platform (for more info on that, please have a look here: Is this different functionality you are looking for?

Hi Adam; our SaaS platform is capable of generating previews (one per page for Word, one per slide for PowerPoint, one per worksheet for Excel). The product will also extract the content of each file and make it searchable. More info can be found here:

Hi Adam; video trimming is part of the New User Interface. Are you looking for different or additional functionality, or did I misinterpret your request?