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We have give Aprimo the same feedback.   We have an Extended Attribute call our Form Number which is our main key we search on.  This is an example of what I want to add to the Inbox Card

this all or none option would cause us issues.    Could this possibly be build as part of a status action to create new projects.    That way you could build a master workflow that would allow child to kick off with documents attached.

Correct.   We need the ability for different user to filter Activity and Project lists by a role.    The example I have used before is a designer to find all Activities the worked on in 1Q 2018.    They should be able to create a filter where they are a particular role and a date range.    Another example might be for a requestor to search through all of their activities where a particular designer worker with them.   Want to make sure this is limited to only looking at yourself.

Brad I agree that the having the Calendar and the FX button like Business Rules or in a Status Action Edit Attribute with the Operator set to Set to Field would give the most flexibility.   You could either use Process Date, compare to a base or EA date field, and be able to add or subtract time from any of the dates used.

You can also use business rules to kick off a project template when Job Starter submitted.    

We have the same issue.    The only way we could replicate our name convention (and others I have seen at other Aprimo customers) would be the ability to create a field by concatenating multiple fields together.    Example would be Activity ID - Type of Piece (EA) - Suggested Project Title (EA) .   If we could set title with a new concatenating ea though a port status action, we could update to Project Title before the first task is seen.

I would agree this functionality would be useful.    I would like to see the ability to dynamically set duration and roles on tasks with criteria like a port.    Example of roles would be for a review maybe writer and project manager need to review if one condition is true, and just the project manager if a different condition is true.    In regards to duration, I could see multiple levels of complexity and the duration's would match that.    Example would be High, Medium, Low and each would have a separate duration associated with it.   

If there was a token user << Work Requestor >> that would give the flexibility to default Owner and Activity Admin to the requestor like and Activity defaults to or set another user if business process demands it.

If a Effective Start Date and / or Effective End Date is entered, when the Out of Office indicator is set to Yes, OOO should not start immediately, but should either begin when the Effective Start Date is met.  OOO should automatically turn off when the Effective End Date is met and after that point the Out of Office Indicator should be reset to No.