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Jonathan, if the Project roles were a panel on the Project Overview page, and the Project Title in the information panel took you to the Project Overview page, would this solve the use case for you?

If so I can move this idea to the EAP forum for Project Overview as they is something in our plans for that feature.


I am not sure I am following this.  You want to be able to contradict the filters being set via a view within the quick filters?  How would that work in practice?  The view says only show me Activities where type is A, B or C.  But then you want the user in the quick filter to be able to change the Activity Type filter and set it to be G?  The way quick filters work that would then wipe out the "A, B, C" values and only return Activity Types of "G" in the list?

Why not just train the user to click the "filter" button which will open the full filter window, they can then modify the row in the filter they want (using the example above they would add "G" to the list of Activity Types) and then save that filter and it would return what they need?

The challenge here is that a task can be assigned to multiple users at once and each can have a different work estimate assigned to them so adding this into the modal pop up window might be more complicated but we can definitely look into it.

Another option we have discussed though is adding a link on that modal to the "settings" of the task that if clicked would open the Task Edit page view you get as a Project Manager from the Task list but it would jump you right there rather than making you do to this list first and then open that specific task.

One more thought.  For the sprint schedule, could we infer the sprint schedule to use for the activity or project based on the Project Managers sprint schedule or the Activity Owner sprint schedule?  That way we only have to setup the link on the user record and not pick it on the Project itself?

We could also use this then on the Agile Board too.  Just show the sprint schedule aligned to that user's record?

If you could setup multiple sprint schedules how would you set which schedule to use?  Is that a setting on each Activity?  Would it be different by Projects inside an activity?

How would you see this then lining up in the other features where Sprints are shown?  The "Current Sprint" filter in the task inbox, the option to view the Agile Board by Sprint instead of status?

For the Task Inbox view, could we put "Sprint Schedule" as a field on the users record/profile so they must align themselves to one sprint schedule?  Then in the Task Inbox we would known which "current" sprint from all the schedules they belong to?  I would hope that individual users are not working on multiple different sprint schedules right?  They would always align to only one schedule?

For the Agile Board, we could maybe just add in the configuration pop up where you pick the columns also a selection for the Sprint Schedule that the user would select and we would apply that to their agile board views then?


There are no current plans to make any further changes here.  Given the amount of negative feedback received on this change, if we were to add in the extra option it seems unlikely anyone would actually activate it so that development effort has been tabled for use in other areas.

Are you asking just to know or because you are interested in the original change that was reverted?

Hi All,

So wanted to talk through this a bit more as it can be somewhat more complicated when you take things like APIs, status actions and other areas of the product into the picture.

I understand the use case of User is on a Task with a DCT or the Activity Edit page and the change a value which makes the child become hidden.  In that use case, right in the UI experience we might be able to add something like a pop up message that says "This action will remove fields currently visible, do you want to clear their data?" with "Yes/No/Cancel" buttons or something like that but I would be nervous to just automatically wipe out the values in the field without asking.

Data can get into EAs in many ways.  You might have integrations populating hidden fields with values or filling in values that the UI would not actually allow.  Or status actions on workflow could be setting these values as well.  Or they could be default values set in the work request form definition, etc.  Aprimo cannot just assume that the data in the field was put there specifically by a user and therefore it is always ok to erase it can we?  I get very nervous about deleting customer entered data automatically.

I will look into your statement Steve:   Even if the user selects <Not Selected> from the child field picklist before it’s hidden, the child field does not clear.

That seems like a very reasonable use case that we should support because the user is specifically taking the action to clear the value so we know it is what they want to happen.

If we allow for this would that meet your needs or does this group really want us to simply wipe out the fields, given the other use cases I stated above?

This is supported now with the new Home Page cards.

I can see the possible confusion.  Let me talk internally on this.  We might not go specifically with "Save as a Draft" but making some better distinction between the two actions seems reasonable.

I guess we thought that since the "Submit" button is highlighted in blue as the primary action people would get the difference.

Another option might be keep it called "Save" but add a pop up message on "Save" that says something like "A draft version of your request will be saved and no actions will be taken.  Please click "Submit" when ready to submit your request."

Something like that we can play with the wording.