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Can you please clarify this a bit more.  Are you referring to the instruction text you set in the task definition when configuring which document types should be displayed.  So the instruction text that is shown on the pop up window that I have highlighted below?

I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing.  Assuming this is correct, your asking that this instruction text be shown directly on the main document panel and not just on inside the pop up window?

Or are you asking for something different?

We have released the feature below.  Can you confirm if that will meet your needs by making the Project title match the Activity?

Make sense.  Will check with the team on how feasible it is and the effort involved.

Great news.  This work is already in development.  We are making a series of changes that will be tied to a FF initially to update the cross over points between workflow and DAM.

  • Changing the thumbnails on a Task to show the Content Title configured in DAM instead of the file name
  • When clicking on thumbnails, they will open the record in the new DAM UI pages
  • When browsing the DAM, we will use the new Content Selector experience

This work is in progress now and should be available to customers in early Q1 2021.

Karthik, we cannot limit the selection of a date EA field to only allow work days.  That would hugely impact their value and use cases.  They are used for so many other things beyond just setting a project schedule.  They could hold the expiration date of an offer, the dates a live event is being held, a store opening, etc.  All which could fall outside the work schedule.  

So we would need to determine a behavior for this when it occurs.  If I pick a Saturday and the task should only allow work days then we have two choices.  Move it earlier or move it later.  I would guess move it earlier is the better option in most cases.  So in the "Saturday is selected" use case the task due date gets moved to Friday even if there is no offset configured to move it to a working day but the value in the EA stays as entered for Saturday.

Makes sense but will need to discuss with UX team.  I could see adding a way to "page through them" so your clicking an arrow to go back or forward but I would also see giving you more a drop down that list all the documents and letting you switch between anyone.  That is likely better as you avoid having to click through 3 you do not need to get to the one you want probably?

Regarding timing, this will not be able to fit the roadmap yet this year but we are targeting to do it in 1H 2021.

Hi All,

We have evaluated this further internally and looked into the logic.  The simplest thing here would be to basically count only working days based on the work schedule for that task.  This would achieve the behavior we are talking about.  If you are subtracting 15 days, you start counting backwards 15 working days and where you end up becomes the date.  Same in reverse if you add 15 days it would count forward.

I do have a question though on the starting point itself.  The date value is coming from an EA and the end user can pick any day they want for it.  IF they pick a non-working day as the date and the Task is simply set to be due on the specific date picked (there is no offset being calculated) then what should the application do in that case?


I have an EA called "Invitation Email Send Date" and I link that EA to a task.  On that task I configure no offset so the end of the task should match the date of the EA.  But the user picks a Saturday for the EA date which is not a working day on the schedule.  Should we still then move the task due date to a working day and in that case which way should it move?  Or should error and notify the project manager?



I am moving this to qualified as I think we have outlined the use cases well enough.  Regarding timing, the roadmap for the rest of the year is fully defined so the earliest this would be considered would be 1H2021.

Is the only reason to assign the user a task at the start of the workflow to do the role assignment or are they also completing additional details (completing a DCT, uploading another document, etc).  I ask because I assume the desire of having this feature would be to eliminate the need to assign a task to the requestor at the start of the project.  Gather it all in the request up front correct?