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Can we upgrade Elastic Search without breaking ADAM?

1.7.3 is currently no longer supported by Elastic Search. So the promise to go to Elastic Search to get support is not valid anymore.

Please upgrade to the latest version / second last version to allow for customers to get additional support.

Hello Luc,

We use a tool to shift configuration from one environment to the other. The classifications we shift are "system" classifications and are not to be renamed in any case. This allows us to merge configuration from one system to the other without the danger of creating duplicate items because the ID's differ.

In this case we noticed.assetStudioPages setting containing the ID of the classification where a facet was linked to. If the classification would have been created on DEV / TEST / PRD manually, they would have different ID's making it impossible to copy the configuration of the facets from DEV to TEST to PRD automatically.

Changing a label is fine.

Basically, when the system or custom code throws an exception in any event before the actual commit in the database for the deletion, the transaction needs to be rolled back. Currently this is not the case.

Just send you my design by email. It can't be shared on this forum.

Basically the system lacks support for the use case when some group of users should be able to find the records, but need some kind of approval before they can download and at the same time some other users need to be able to reach the files in order to update them via ADAM CS Sync or workflow / collaboration.

When unchecking the "can download this version" checkbox to prevent the first group of users to download without approval, other users can't use ADAM CS Sync to open / update the assets even when they have modify permissions on the records.

Hi Ida, Just send you my thoughts and a design that is used to custom build this. As it contains client information, I can't share it here.

We keep building a lot of custom code to accomplish this. When disabling "Download this version" checkbox to prevent users from downloading anyway and bypassing the checks on the menu actions, some modules like workflow and collaboration break as they seems to have a need to fetch the file from the file storage, even if you do not manipulate the file itself.

Please put this one on top of your backlog!

Currently no building blocks are available to perform CRUD operations on baskets. We need building blocks to create a new basket, modify it and delete it, and to add or remove records to and from the basket or change the permissions.

You can work on a group of records using a search expression, but that is not the same.