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There is a feature flag available for this already. 

Hi Christopher,

The public URL functionality is part of the Akamai connector. The standard Azure CDN is used for secure delivery from our platform. Yes, there is an additional cost. I would suggest to run this by your CSD, he can certainly show you the functionality and provide more insights on the pricing.

Please vote if you also require audio previews (playback) in the DAM

The following remark was written for the duplicate attached: 

We are currently working on an audit trail for DAM, through which you will be able to see record changes (changes to metadata or files) on the record itself. So you will be able to navigate to a content item and see the detailed changes if you have the ability (role) to access audit information. We already have a voice request for this: So i will treat the current one as a duplicate for this.

Related to the comment of Greg (above), this is more a request for the ability to push change information into a report and potentially combine it with other object type information such as activities, etc. We also have a duplicate voice request for this already I will treat the current one as a duplicate.

Because I can only track this request as a duplicate of 1 other request, i will merge it with the one matching the description in the top, hence the request for audit trailing on DAM objects in general and put it in progress as we are working on this.

I think you are referring to the mosaic view in Assets. In the cards view in the new UI (the view that is comparable to mosaic in assets), we have already added a tooltip to view longer titles. We have no plans to change the behavior in Assets UI.

If you want an image to be included in a newsletter, we recommend to use a link to an image (or a rendition of that image) on public CDN. So ideally you use the new UI to generate a rendition for public CDN and you use this link in the newsletter. This functionality is available if you have the Akamai Connector on the Aprimo DAM.The use case we're covering with send download link using e-mail is to send an original asset to someone who has no access to the DAM.

We will not be able to pick this up soon, so i will shelve for now.

We currently offer mass content updates through the stamping tool available through services. This functionality is still being considered to make it into the product at some point in time, but since this is not scheduled for the 2020 calendar i will shelve the topic for now.