Adobe Creative Cloud Connector - New Asset Creation and Required Fields

Doug Mullin 8 months ago in Integrations / Connectors • updated by laura.patterson 1 month ago 3

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When creating a new Asset via Adobe CC Connector, if the Classification the asset is being saved into has any required fields, the User is confronted with an error message, and no way to enter in the required data. 

Considering how frequent required fields are for our Clients, this is quite inconvenient. It seems like the CC Connector should be uploading to the Uploads holding area, just like an upload via the usual DAM UI. Alternately, instead of the error message, the user could get a dialog box giving them an opportunity to fill in the required metadata. 

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This is a great request. I have the same issue.


We moved over your request from the old ADAM forum, we still think this is a valid request and that is why the status is Qualified.