field definition notes

Doug Mullin 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 4

It would be helpful to have a notes field in Field Definitions, where a Admin or Developer can describe the purpose of the field, or any other useful notes for future reference. Would be useful for Clients with large numbers of fields. Also useful for KT after staff turnover, and as a reminder for fields that may have been created long ago, for purposes now forgotten.


Aligning with the final statuses of Aprimo Voice, this one should be qualified.


Let me put this on the shelve and see how popular this gets in votes.

I could also see the notes being used as a tool tip in the consumer or contributor UI to give more clarity to the meaning or use of a field.

For Doug's specific interpretation and request, we solve that problem through an external data model that contains all of the fields, including a notes field to use for indicating when and why it was created.