Notify user when login created

Ardath 3 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Valine 1 year ago 7

    • Current - A user does not get automatically notified that an account has been created for him
    • Feature request – Once a login has been created for a user, have the system automatically notify that user of their new login by sending an email to the person based on the email that was entered for the new login

This could use a notification template to customize. It could also be connected with the password Idea (https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/951-default-password-is-insecure) and have the ability to use different notification templates to allow for different users getting different communications.

It would be great if we could customize the notification content for new users. We currently send different email content and attachments (intro guides) based on their user type (full, contributor). 

We only have a certain subset of users where we provide their log in information immediately. Others are required to go thru training prior to receiving their log in information. This would be a nice feature as long as we have an option to turn it off, or pick and choose which users we want this notification to go out too.

Same for Wells Fargo, we would not use this feature and would need to have the ability to shut this off.

In Addition to the post above.

It would be helpful if we have the URL added in the notification along with their basic details.

Most users don't know their URL (Application or Portal)