Improvements to interoperability of Interactive Media within the Annotation Viewer

Bridget Pounsberry 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 2 weeks ago 1

Our company would like the ability to use different file types including interactive media within the annotation viewer in the MRM. Improvements to the interoperability of the annotation viewer with different file types would help our designers tremendously.

For example, our design team at Arthrex is using Adobe XD to create some of our interactive media. Having the ability to review interactive assets in the annotation viewer regardless of what tool the file was created in (sketch, XD, etc) would help streamline the review process overall.

This program also has a built-in review tool which would be ideal if our creatives could also review in XD and the review comments in XD could be integrated within the annotation viewer.

Definitely agree!  Having this functionality within the Aprimo annotation viewer will prevent our stakeholders from buying/using a separate tool for annotating these types of files, which is critical to our overall user adoption and company sponsorship of Aprimo as our main application.