Sync a field definition with Active Directory

Laura Fu 2 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 4

We have a use case for being able to sync our Active Directory to a field definition so that a user can select a specific individual from a governed list. The User List type is nice, but that only works if the person has an Aprimo license.

We have a field definition now for Requester, but that individual does not have to have Aprimo access. The librarian is manually adding their name in a free text field, which causes issues, with a misspelling or with adding an email address vs an ID vs a full name.

We'd like to be able to sync a field with our AD so that the names are governed, new names are automatically included when they join the company, and names of users who are no longer with the company can not be selected (though they should be kept as legacy metadata on existing records).

Fields / Attributes

For now we're putting this enhancement request in shelved state to understand through voting how common this request is and/or because we will not be able to pick this up in our near term roadmap schedule (<6 Months).

Hey Laura,

Hopefully, this won't sound too technical, I'm actually working on something right now to do a similar thing....

If your IT team has set up a connection between your on-premises network to a Microsoft Azure virtual network - you could create an HTTP reference that calls an Azure Function to pull this information from Active Directory using just a few lines of .net code.

Peter Scoins (British Pete)
Stanley Black & Decker 

I always appreciate tips and recommendations, Peter! We knew we had the option for some custom work that we could do in-house, but I opened this Voice to hopefully get an OOTB field definition datatype. We only have one use case right now, and our users have been manually populating the field.