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Updating workflow DAM attachments through the rest api

priscilla.voorbij 3 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 3

When a DAM assets is attached to a workflow, the attached version doesn’t get updated automatically when a new version gets uploaded in DAM. We would need the possibility to update an existing DAM attachment in the workflow through the rest api.

Workflow API

When you upload a new version on the Asset, the workflow task will show a warning sign on the thumbnail to indicate that the asset version has changed to what you are currently looking at. But if you do decide to open the record, it will show you the correct latest version information.

If you are experiencing a different behavior, it may be specific to how your workflow was designed behind the scenes. I would suggest to check this with the workflow designer.

I will leave this in Review so you can provide additional information on the use case if you feel this is not related to workflow configuration.