Option to set size of window opened via web actions

Rohit Jha 3 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 2

In a use case our users need an ability to classify a set of assets (via basket) to classification(s). They do not prefer to use Maintenance job creation interface and needed an easy to use tree view. So, we created an external page for this and hooked it to web actions via hooks. All works well  but we miss two aspects which if available could have made it even more good for user experience and easy implementation.

  • User Experience
    • Ability to control window properties of target application e.g. size, address bar etc. that it also opens similar to how Aprimo "Local Uploads" screen show up. e.g. below instead of opening as a full window/tab.
  • Ease of implementation
    • If basket ID was provided instead of list if records, it could have been easy to handle them in external application if it was a basket reference.

API Rules / Actions

For now we're putting this enhancement request in shelved state because we will probably not be able to pick this up in our near term roadmap schedule (<6 Months).