Ability to type ahead on user fields on Offer Objects

Rebecca Hood 4 weeks ago in Offer Management updated by Greg Hennessy 2 weeks ago 2

Because we have a large user base in Aprimo (DAM), selecting from a list of users is very cumbersome in the Offer application. We need a way to allow users to type ahead names of other users to quickly fill out this field and reduce the time to search.

In Review

The Offer screen's Owner base attribute, and all other User drop down pick lists, support limited search ahead functionality. If you type the first letter of the user's last name, the cursor will move down the list to the first occurrence of that letter. For example, if you type H, the selector will drop to the first user with H starting his or her last name and the user can then down arrow to the right H user name. Also, these fields support a quick filter which is the current search method in our marketing operations platform outside of DAM. The type ahead search feature has not yet been widely deployed across all Aprimo platform attribute pick-lists.