Incorporate column selection for reporting screen when on Report Folders display

Michael Scott 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Michael Higgins 4 weeks ago 2

By default, the application brings Full users to the Reports Folder view.   A great update to this page would be ability to view additional information regarding the reports like the details of the report so they know if the report they are running is what they are expecting.

Idea would be to incorporate a column selection option on the Folder view which would be similar to what is already available on the Report List view.  Provided sample images for context

Reports default page - Folder View

Report List view once selected under display

I wouldn't overwhelm a user that just want to run a report with too much information, so I don't love the idea of showing the columns, but showing the report description would be a big help

This has always been a pet peeve of mine.  I see almost no use in just displaying report names, I often have to toggle to the Report List View to see anything meaningful.  Setting the default view to Report List would be a time save.

It would also be useful to see Inactive/Active status instead of having to go to Insights Management > Report Maintenance.