Increase task description field size to allow for expanded directions to our users.

Michael Scott 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 4 weeks ago 6

With the current limitation of 255 characters on task descriptions, it is difficult to provide directions for task completion requirements.  Within our organization, we use this description field to document and explain various requirements associated with any task.   It would be great if there was a way to expand the number of characters available on the task description to even like double the size!

I would rather not see this on the right side information panel either.  A default panel would be ideal.  It would be up to the Admins to make sure only concise information be put there that would help the user, not hinder their expediency.  Having it be open by default and allowing it to be collapsable is good.

Would more information (or too much information) in this panel hinder page load times/performance?

Completely agree Eric, would not want the field to become overwhelming as well.  Thanks!

I agree with right side info panel not being a good location for the description, especially if it is long.

I am leaning towards the default panel for it on all tasks.  Some customers may not use it as much (maybe already created a set of EAs to replace it) so they may not want it on the top.  But it would act like all other panels so you could change the order of them of if you want and move it down on the page if it is not an relevant to you.

We can make the field allow 4000 characters, that is our limit on other long text fields.  My only concern is with great power comes great responsibility.  If we allow that much content then will people get too wordy, overload the description with too much information.  Personally if I received a task and had to read a page long description on what to do it would be tedious and annoying.  So my only thought with a tighter limit like 1000 or 1500 characters is forcing you to try and be somewhat concise with the description to keep it more user friendly.  Also, if it gets too long it will take up the whole screen and push all the other panels down off the page.  Yes, you can collapse the section after you read it so maybe that is ok but still concerned with it getting really long.

I might ask the team to mock up a few examples with different lengths to see what size does it start to become too much on the page.  Thanks for sharing the example.

Size wise, great question, I could look into some of our larger ones and get a general estimate, but its always safer to go larger than smaller as we can always use the room.

We currently setup a DCT for the description only and that is then used on every task on the top of the page setup.  The information panel is just too small and pushes other important fields down too far.   

I personally really like the idea of having the description field as its own panel in general.  Especially from a development standpoint, its not difficult to add, just need to remember to add this DCT every single time.  

    Here is an example image of what some of our groups want to see in general, the ability to just in general provide more direction.  This mocked up version is pretty basic with not too much direction and it already was almost 600 characters.  


    Makes sense but I have two questions on this.

    What would be a large enough size?  1000, 2000 characters?  Would either of you mind pasting a sample of what the description would be for one of your tasks so we can see a real life example?

    Second, how do you display the description.  Is it in the Information Panel on the right side OR do you place it in a DCT on every task?  If it is in a DCT is it with other fields or in its own DCT so they could easily collapse it down?  

    I am asking because we have been discussing whether a few key fields like Description should be in their own panel in the Task Inbox so they are more visible and prominent to the user doing the task without requiring customers to build a DCT to put it into for every task.

    This would be a great improvement allowing us to decrease wordiness in our training guides to incorporate these descriptions.