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Send email with download link (in Content Workspace) New/DAM UI

christopher.fredrickson 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 5

Will this be available in the Content Workspace UI so we can send agencies links to download files or entire collections

Orders / Sharing

I will close this request in 2 weeks in case of no response or additional feedback.

The action 'send e-mail with download link' is currently available on one content item or a basket. In the near future there will be a way to multi-select items without putting them in a basket (=persistent), and using the action on the selection.

Can you respond on whether this is covering your use case or not. 


Hi Chris, 

Yes, sharing a download link to a content item is already possible, both with registered users as with external people: https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/assets/webhelp/adamhelp.htm#DAMUIHelp/ShareAssets.htm

Collections can also be shared, but only with registered Aprimo users: https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/assets/webhelp/adamhelp.htm#DAMUIHelp/Collections.htm (scroll down to the Sharing section)

Is this what you were looking for?