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Newly added value should be in child dis-allowed in Parent/Child relationship

Ashish Tiwari 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Szymon Wozniak 4 weeks ago 4

By default currently any newly added EA value is appearing in Child Allowed section for Parent/Child relationship mapping which means we have to manually redo all the parent/child EA mapping to remove this newly added value, consuming lot of time for even a simple change. Can newly added EA value by default appear in Child disallowed?

From my perspective having the new EA value added to the disallowed section by default is a safer option. I'd rather have us manually add the value to the allowed section rather than risking not remembering to take off the new value from the allowed section where it is not needed.

I'm in the process of updating an EA with Child Allowed section for Parent / Child relationship, the above solution would be perfect.

This sounds like it's related to the allowed/disallowed section in EA configuration specifically. We have had issues with a newly added EA value being added to the parent section in Page Layout. When a new value is added to an existing EA that drives a section to display, the new value is automatically added to the parent field (meaning if the newly added value is selected, that section will be displayed). In this scenario, we would prefer the newly added value to not be automatically added to the parent field. 

In Review

I am guessing the desired default (Allowed or Disallowed) would vary by customer and maybe even by the field itself depending on how the fields are used and the relationship but would be curious to get more customers feedback on this.  Would everyone agree that the default should be "disallowed".