Conditional Document Uploads or Versions

Bruce Howard 1 month ago in Productivity Management updated 3 weeks ago 2

We would like the ability to configure a condition for a document upload or new version upload.

We envision this to work much like the parent on a DCT section, such that: a picklist EA value if true, would cause the document upload to be displayed.  Even better would be the ability to configure complex rule logic, such as on an Output Port rule.

We would need the ability to configure similar, but slightly different, uploads.  For example, If "First Time" = Yes, then upload doc type x as required.  If "First Time" = No, then upload doc type x as optional version.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this request is the need to evaluate the expression as the fields have been entered on this same task.  So, in the example above, the field "First Time" would appear on a DCT displayed on this task.  Therefore, the value of the expression at the time the user clicks on "upload" would determine whether or not the upload was required.

Thanks for your consideration!

Yes, I believe that they can be merged. (Sorry, I looked for similar requests, but didn’t come across this one!)

I think the combined request will be more comprehensive in the end. My request includes the ability to upload the same attachment, but sometimes it would be required while other times it would not. Both requests look to evaluate base fields and EAs with logic available to configure.