Basket Download Options now grouped by content type - please display download actions per specific action condition vs every possible download action

Ekaterina Turnaeva 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management updated by bart.theys 3 weeks ago 3

With the new basket download , after clicking Download All As, the download actions are now grouped by Content Type. The list of download actions that are displayed are all of the possible options for all assets in that content type, but may not be relevant to all files.

For example, for 'Assets' content type, if you add a PDF, PPT and image file to your basket, the Download original/web/print/presentation actions all display for selection, even though they are not configured to individually.  Then, if the user selects 'Download for web', only the image file will download as this option is not relevant to a PDF or PPT file.   

We have conditions to only display the download for web/print/presentation actions only for image file extensions, so can these be followed in the basket as well?


I would think that this issue has more to do with a wrong use of 'Asset' as content type. Aprimo documentation is not very clear on best practices of using content types. Having different download actions (and probably different detail page layouts) for images vs. documents vs. video, seem to be a good reason to introduce these 3 content types in the system. In that case, you wouldn't have this issue when doing basket download. Right?
I also think that it is a pity that the content-types 'asset' and 'video' in the  root level cannot be removed (or at least renamed) in the system. If a content type cannot be resolved immediately during upload (e.g. file extension), I would expect it to become a 'record'. The user can then still narrow down content type throughout the lifecycle of the asset.


This is a valid request. The reason why it works like this is mainly for performance optimization.