DAM UI - action configuration - behaviour of contentTypeIn parameter

bart.theys 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 5


When configuring the list of actions for the new DAM UI, there is a condition called 'contentTypeIn' that expects a list of contentTypes for which the action should appear. Unfortunately, this does not take content type hierarchy into account. E.g. if you have:
   Product Photo
   Mood Shot

This results in a extra compexity, because for all actions you need to add all children in the condition, rather that only the Photograpy parent (e.g. action "DownloadForWeb).

Content Types / Metadata Rules / Actions

We have no plans to start the hierarchy inheritance on the generic 'record' type, so i will reject this request.

Hi, you are right. The problem is not so large as I imagined. Apparently the issue exists only for actions that are defined for the root level ("Record"'). The download original action if for example today repeated on both video & asset (and if we introduce more types, we need to add those too). Whether it is a good idea to define many actions on the root level can be discussed, but I think this would best work in a consistent way. 

Hi Bart,

I've checked, it works as expected - it is needed to add only Photography content type in 'contentTypeIn' condition to apply to children content types. Could you please elaborate on use case and its configuration you are pointing out?