Classification Name and Fields be searchable on records when tied to these classifications

Ekaterina Turnaeva 3 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 2

To decrease the need for fields to be updated manually just for searching purposes, it would be nice to have the Classification Name and any fields on the Classification be searchable for records linked to them.

For example, I have the below Classification :

Classification Label = BCB (Brazil)

Classification Name = The British College of Brazil

Field = City = San Paulo

We had to create a Classification List field for the Label ( this is automatically updated:) ), a School Name dropdown for the Name and really don't want to create another field that we have to update.


Content Types / Metadata Fields / Attributes Search

Classification label search is indeed only available through a Classification list field. We have no intention changing this, this is to guarantee performance.

If we understand your use case correctly you would want to search for an a record linked to a college, by searching on the metadata of the college. We may support this one day through specific relationship-based searches, but currently that's not available. The challenge of these type of searches is getting this to work in a performant way in Enterprise scale setups.