task inbox layout of read only and editable fields

Gauthier Radart 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 3 weeks ago 1

Our users are complaining about two things:

1) the difference between read-only (greyed-out) and editable fields on a task.
There isn't much difference between the two and it is not clear which fields should be edited in task. 
2) Multiple selection or picklists fields in a task, even if they are read only, are not as grey as the read-only fields and it is confusing. 

All the field here are read-only, but there is a difference in color (not as grey) for the picklist/multiple selection fields (in this case the field 'brand')

So a clear view of what should be filled in on a task (editable) by the user. And a coherent layout of read-only fields.