'User Type' Attribute is not available in Reports

Donna.Bojczuk 2 weeks ago in Insights / Reporting updated 2 weeks ago 3

I was creating a report to show active users that have access to our user groups.

I am used to the 'Attributes' being called something different (this is unhelpful when creating reports) but all I wanted to select was what 'User Type'. This is an important field we fill in when creating users and should really be a named attribute when creating reports.

I managed to locate an attribute called 'Application User' which shows Yes or No for Full access or Not, so I used this to create my report but it's not very easily located and has a misleading name. 

Please can you try and name your Attributes something that corresponds with the fields? and Rename this attribute 'User Type'. 

Report attribute screen:

User details screen:



I often have the same issue.  Most times it is a hunt to find what I am looking for because the naming convention is more based on who developed the function rather than for us administration team that are trying to use the functionality.  Realigning the attribute naming would save us a lot of time.  

We have the same requirement to give  an overview on the users level of access. It would be very helpful to have the user type information as shown in the UI (consumer/contributor/full) also in a separate report column.

It would be great to have a column that listed all the user types.