Dynamic Role Assignment Based on Activity Values

Steve Smith 2 months ago in Productivity Management 0

We have a dropdown within our Activity screen that dictates what roles are required for approval. For example, the 3 options currently include:

Role 1

Role 1, Role 2

Role 1, Role 2, Role 3

Whatever option is selected in the Activity indicates what roles have to be assigned in the first task of the workflow. Currently, the only way to accommodate this is to have a separate path in the workflow for each option appearing in the dropdown, which results in 3 separate paths. We’re looking to change the activity screen so that, instead of using a dropdown, we use a multiselect field where people can choose any combination of Role 1, Role 2, and Role 3. This results in 7 unique paths within the workflow and is multiplied across many workflows. This will result in a lot more maintenance (e.g. setup, testing, etc.) for any changes we make over time and if/when we introduce new roles it will only become more cumbersome. It would be great if there were a way to have the roles dynamically appear and/or be required within the Roles panel of the task based on the selection made within the activity. This way users could select whatever roles are applicable in the activity and it would drive what appears in the Roles panel of the task (instead of having separate paths for each). This would eliminate a lot of overhead in the longrun by simplifying workflow setup and maintenance.