Work Offline with Annotations - Aprimo Adobe Acrobat PDF Synchronizer - upgrade Annotation Viewer to show Adobe Acrobat comments 1:1 in regards to size, placement on the document and formatting

Antoni 4 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated 6 days ago 2

We would like to have Anntation Viewer showing all annotations in the same size, placement on the reviewed piece and formatting as they were sized, formatted and placed in the Adobe Acrobat.
There are issues with text box size and text formatting that influence review quality.


Hi Antoni,

While I understand your point if your looking at it from an Adobe first point of view and flow, it does not fit our product direction to try and mirror Adobe. The work offline feature in Aprimo was not designed to make Adobe and our annotation feature interchangeable. The intent with the Work Offline feature was to allow a user that had a 1 hour train ride each day or was about to get on a flight to first download a couple of reviews so they could work on them offline on the train or plane and then sync them back up. It was not really intended to be a full replacement for using our annotation viewer and process but we know that some customers do use it that way.  Our Annotation feature does not support all the same annotation types that are available in Adobe so when we import them we have to make adjustments to formatting and in some cases they simply cannot be imported at all. This is known and is functioning as intended.

Based on these reasons, I am rejected this Voice entry as Aprimo does not plan to consider this. I hope you understand.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the description of the rejection reason.