Expand Chat Board Tagging All option

Michael Scott 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Daniel Clarke 1 day ago 2

With release 125, the chat board now will tag all users that have an active license in Aprimo instead of just all users that were involved in a project.  Prior to this release, the "All" tag would tab only those individuals that were involved.  This has caused confusion and issues immediately where users are being tagged since people were used to clicking All to send project related communications to individuals that it pertained to.   Additionally, teams now have to click on all users that are involved individually instead of a quick all click. 

I like the option to include all users potentially, but could it be updated to like "All Users" and "All Projects Users", something to allow for quick and easy to understand what the tag means?   


Please note in 127 we have altered the <<All>> tag that is present under a project chat to read <<All Project Users>> and it will tag all users that are currently shown under the blue icon list i.e. only those with current access to the project chat board rather than the more literal <<All>>.  

In Review


So a tag “All project users” in your use case would be a quick tag to mark everyone in the list normally presented by the modified Blue tag icon ( this in 125 allows you to tag only existing chat users) in a single click.

I will take a look at what could be done here and whether we would repurpose Tag All and modify it’s title or allow both options.

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Daniel (PM)