Adding file type in the "Export Metadata"

Flemming Petersen 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 1 month ago 6

We see a need to have the file type extension shown in the Export Metadata. 
We have records having same filename but holding different file types (PSD version TIFF Version JPG Version of same source file). Our Business units may have uploaded the same file coming from HQ, so to sort out these files, we use the Export Metadata fto find all the duplicates. However we can't distinct between the file types.

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Thanks, much appreciated

One of the options is to create an extra text field that contains the extension of the file via a reference. A default value like

<ref:record file="master" out="extension"/>

should do the trick.

Is there any alternative way to get this information extracted? perhaps through the use of an advance query?


For now we're putting this enhancement request in shelved state to understand through voting how common this request is and/or because we will not be able to pick this up in our near term roadmap schedule (<6 Months).