DAM generate RSS Feed

christopher.fredrickson 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 2

Does Aprimo DAM have the ability to generate RSS feeds?  We have a request to host audio files and if DAM can generate RSS feeds, we can use Aprimo as our podcast hosting platform.  

If now, are there any plans to dive into this market?


Just as there are video streaming platforms, there are also podcast hosting platforms. These podcast platforms will receive the cast (audio file), the artwork (picture like a JPG), the metadata and these will also be able to generate an RSS feed.

Aprimo has no plans to start a podcasting platform, neither has it the ambition to start a video streaming service, which would be the video alternative of the podcast. We focus on storing the centralized content and handing it over to channels or touchpoints, or streaming platforms. For instance, for video we have a Brightcove connector.

Using Aprimo you could treat a podcast generation as another marketing delivery, store and manage it (rights, lifecycle) and the push to the podcast platform. It is really a very similar story as with video streaming platforms.

Today you can store the audio file and it is possible to upload a 2D preview picture as an additional file. You could configure metadata including the typical information these podcast environments need and use a custom action to hand over the audio, preview and metadata to the podcast service. Probably API's of the podcast service would allow you to take the RSS feed url back into the DAM.

What’s currently missing to support the podcast journey better in the DAM is an audio preview. 

To make sure we can play back audio in any browser and on any screen, we need to transfer the audio format into something ‘previewable’, which probably would be mp3 nowadays. Comparing this to video, we actually generate an mp4 preview video of all incoming videos to make sure we can play it in the browser. We would do the same for audio converting all incoming audio to an mp3 preview.  This is currently still on our backlog to do and completely within our strategy and we will keep tracking though your voice entry: https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/2153-preview-audio-files