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Ability to Upload Additional Files more than 4 GB in DAM

Kavitha Singh 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 days ago 4


I would like to raise a NEW Enhancement Request:

In DAM Platform we noticed that users are not able to upload additional more that 4 GB. For example user uploaded an asset and wants to add additional files more that 4 GB in the main Asset.

If user add additional more that 4 GB in DAM,it shows uploading..uploading and later get an error message(Attached screen shot for reference)

Below are my analysis:

1: I also tested the same and noticed that the only way to upload additional file is through NEW UI.

2: Upload additional files through the NEW UI upload and then link the same assets to the parent asset,through "Reference feature."

3: Also, for example the main assets itself is more that 4 GB and user upload through NEW UI,we do not have an option to also include additional files through NEW UI Option.

Hence wanted to raise this enhancement request,where users should be able to add additional files more that 4 GB,into the main assets.

Please Note : I have also raise the ticket in Aprimo Support ,case number : CS0031475 and the team suggested to raise a Voice Request.

Thank you

Kavitha Singh

Pinging again to get some better view on the use case. If no response in the next 2 weeks is received on the above question, I will close this one.

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Additional files were never intended to include larger projects. Can you elaborate what your use case is? why are you uploading a ZIP als an additional file? Have you considered treating these Premiere projects as 'packages'?


Hello Gerda,

We are from DAM Support Team.

Once of the Sanofi user tried to upload additional files more that 4 GB and it did not work as expected.And the user wanted to know if it can be implemented,which will be very useful.

Below are the details which Asset ID and File size which user was trying to upload:

For Asset ID: 554940

1: https://havaspulse.com/open.php?assetid=3660865&t=r&s=Im5XUtVAsOxQ9ocV&filename=DUPIXENT Asthma MOA Video_Premiere.zip

Size : 5.91GB

2: https://havaspulse.com/open.php?assetid=3660985&t=r&s=n7QrlTaxthSZlspD&filename=DUPIXENT Asthma MOA Video_ProRes.zip

Size: 5.33 GB


Asset ID: 554941

1: https://havaspulse.com/open.php?assetid=3663446&t=r&s=7A9MtO2O58xGWcQq&filename=MAT-GLB-2000730_DUPIXENT CRSwNP MOA Video 2020_AFX.zip

Size:8.61 GB

2: https://havaspulse.com/open.php?assetid=3662112&t=r&s=45OGakTon7yv__7s&filename=MAT-GLB-2000730_DUPIXENT CRSwNP MOA Video 2020_ProRes.zip

Size: 5.33

3: https://havaspulse.com/open.php?assetid=3661040&t=r&s=CNbS8jITAjHS43mo&filename=MAT-GLB-2000730_DUPIXENT CRSwNP MOA Video 2020_Premiere.zip

Size: 4.09 GB

Thank You

Kavitha Singh