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Chatboard notification: Ability to configure content (IT ADMIN ONLY)

Kerry 1 month ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 week ago 3

Currently the chat board notifications cannot be changed, we would like to be able to configure them as per the other workflow notifications.

This is to created the generic template for the noticiation, NOT allow users to amend the notification

In Review

Can you please provide more specific use cases for what you want to change?

Change the subject line?  Option to include additional fields?  Modify the layout or format of the email?


Hi Eric, 

Yes the changes would be:

1-Subject line (use activity title)

2-Have a salutation:  Dear DAM <user name>, you have been tagged in a chat by <username>:

3- Chat message

4- Remove fields

5- Include link to chat

At the moment the message include the Project title 4 times in the message, we just want to keep it cleaner.



In general, I agree with Kerry.  We only have a 1:1 relationship between Activity and Project.  So the Project Title means nothing to our users.  We would prefer to see the Activity Title.  We would like more flexibility with configuring Chat notifications that suite our needs.