Ability to filter Agile Board by using Project ID and Activity ID

Michael Scott 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Antoni 3 weeks ago 1

Idea:    Add option to filter on a Project ID and/or Activity ID on the Agile Board where the user can simply type in the number (quick filter way!).   Additionally, would be great to have this then update the activity title and project titles in the filter selection as appropriate.

Hi, I like this idea. FT would also benefit from its implementation.
Having option to filter Agile Board with the Activity ID may facilitate its usage. In our data base we do have a lot of Activities that are recurring. The Agile Board is not showing full Activity titles while searching. For recurring Activities the only part of the Activity Title that is modified is the date stamp place at its end. Choosing the Activity that we want view in Agile Board is tricky when titles are not fully viewed on the dropdown.
Adding a new filter criteria that would allow us to search after Activity ID would be beneficial.
Searching after Project ID is less needed, as we mainly operate on Activities IDs while managing system.
Thank you!