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Promote Reports to Production from Sandbox

John Morrissey 2 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 1 month ago 3

Ability to build and test reports in the sandbox environment and promote to prod. Changing reports in production triggers a result on an audit report designed to detect changes to distributed reports.

We would like to build a report in SB1, click a button "Promote to Production" and have that report appear in production so we don't have to build it twice. 

John, thanks. I follow that part of it - for the audit report - are you citing that is something happening today that you are trying to avoid, because the reports you're modifying should not be triggered in that audit, or is that a separate enhancement request to create some kind of audit report?

In Review

John, can you elaborate a bit here - can you perhaps just limit the filter criteria on the audit report to only include reports that may be part of distributions?