Modify Login Screen

christopher.fredrickson 2 months ago in System Administration updated 4 weeks ago 3

Are we able to modify this screen?  Users are prompted with this screen, then click "log in as employee", then get prompted with our Single-Sign-On screen.  I am being asked by my Data Governance Team to add something like this:

Schneider Electric collects your login and activity history such as view, upload & download contents to improve our digital contents. We will keep a record of your personal information for as long as needed for this purpose. To know more about your rights and how Schneider Electric uses personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Any updates on this one?

If this is not possible (which I don't think it is) can we have a pop-up for users after they successfully login with a privacy statement?

Second Part:  If a user have been idle for a specific amount of time, or when they close the browser tab, can we have a pop-up asking users to take a satisfaction survey which points to Microsoft Forms?

Or should this be a separate Voice request?