Expand My Work Request connection options

Michael Scott 2 months ago in Productivity Management 0

A significant challenge that our work request submitters (contributors) encounter, is seeing where various Projects are at underneath every Activity (multiple projects per activity) as well as allowing for quick communication within an Activity/Project for any adjustments needed to a request.  The application does not allow for users to intuitively communicate potential changes to their original request as they have to track down a chat board outside of the request.  The idea in my mind would be the application allows the user to click on their work request which opens another tab with that request info, which also provides detail information on the activity, projects project, links to various items similar to the information panel today and generally be a single view/single stop to get information they need and communication on changes needed for a request.

Enhancement Ideas:   

  1. Add / Incorporate the Information Panel links into the details section of the My Work Requests section , so when you click anywhere in that row, they could still see options to various details, tasks lists, agile boards, etc.  I have provided an image below showing possibly having these as customizable tabs.
  2. Add Link to Chat Board in the Project Information links, possibly just under Task Agile Board; if no chat board exists, auto create a chat board to allow for submitter to communicate changes to their work request.
  3. Allow customization of the information panel, similar to what we can do with task inbox or chat board, which would allow to incorporate additional menu icons with project EA field values.

Idea mock up 1 supporting image: