View user groups on classifications

laura.patterson 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 2

Is it possible to set it so that in the system studio you can click on a classification and see all of the user groups that have access to it? 

Additionally, in the classification permissions section, it is really frustrating when need to set permissions to a user group for multiple classifications and the page automatically sets back to page 1. I have dozens of pages of user groups. And the searching function never works.


The search on user groups in the classification permission page is a legacy search, if you use wildcards (*), you will have a correct behavior of the search.

If you have filtered the list and jump from one class to the next, the filtered list will remain in place.

What remains unanswered from your description is the fact that the unfiltered page is setting back to page 1 when selecting another classification and improving the ability to view/sort the user groups with the same permission. Because I don't think we'll make changes to the behavior in the upcoming months, I will shelve this for now.