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Bulk Update records via api

Rohit Jha 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 weeks ago 3

In order to be able to update/save multiple records at a time 

that enables more user friendly metadata update and publishing process

it will be good to have

- an api that enables save multiple records at one go

Use case,

- we have developed a portal for bulk update that allows uploaders to view/edit asset metadata of multiple records and publish. With current capability of API we need to make record data post one after the other, this creates two potential concerns

1. Takes time for multiple round trip to Aprimo and that delays feedback to user

2. Requires multiple API calls that can exceed rate limit

In Progress

To be complete in the answer:

- You can update multiple records at a time using a maintenance job through the REST API, but not draft records.

- This is a limitation on the current draft record design. We currently are working on a new draft record framework. This will roll out with the new upload through the content workspace (new DAM UI). This work is in progress now.



You can create a maintenance job for this purpose: https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/api/core/docs#examples_maintenancejobs.

It allows passing in a list of record IDs and a specific action (eg. link to classification, overwrite field, append field value, ...).

Using this, you can update a batch of records in one go.



This option doesnt a mechanism to prevent rules execution. Functionally it can't be used for saving drafts(work in progress) documents.