Require Document Upload Only for Complete Task Closure in All Must Close Workgroup Action Contexts

J.B. Lewis 2 months ago in Productivity Management 0

We have a situation in which we'd like to assign multiple people to a Task requiring a Document Upload for the purpose of tracking time, but where only one of the Assignees (the "primary") is required to upload any documents in order to close the Task. Right now, when we attempt to use the "All Must Close" Workgroup Action to force all Assignees to close the Task, in order for any Assignee to do so, a document must be uploaded. This basically means that the "secondary" assignee, who is not responsible for uploading the document, cannot click on the "Close" button and get the Task out of their Task Inbox unless the other Assignee does their part first. In actuality, the secondary Assignee normally completes their part of the Task first, and then the primary Assignee completes their part of the Task and uploads the document. Unfortunately, in order to compensate for this, we've had to use the "Any May Close" Workgroup Action and tell the secondary Assignee to avoid closing the Task, which feels like an awkward user experience.

Proposed solution: we'd like to see a toggle for Tasks in which Document Uploads are required to move the Task Status to Closed, rather than the default of moving an individual's Work Status to Closed. This way, the Task completion can happen in the order described above.