Attribute for referencing the Last Updated Date on Versions

Laura Fu 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 1

We had a user group request a new field definition to display the date that is shown farther down in the Version section. The use case is that the user may find an asset that has a Date Published (custom date field) of 1/1/2020, but if the record was updated with a new version on 7/1/2020, the Date Published is still 1/1/2020, but there is a newer version available. This is not conveyed just by looking at the Date Published. The user needs to scroll down to the Version section to see that a newer version was uploaded.

Although this date is available, it requires scrolling all the way down, and there is no label for us to change so that the user knows what to look at. They wanted a new field that would show this date higher up on the page.

The product team informed me that there is no attribute to allow us to reference this date, so I cannot create a field definition with this as the default value. This Voice Request is to request that this date be given an attribute so that we can add a default such as <ref:record version=“latest” out=“createdon”/> but for the latest file version.

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