Custom Contact Sheet

Adam Asar 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 3 months ago 3

Can we customize the fields in contact sheet based on classifications? 

Currently, we have a generalized schema for all assets, please find the attached screenshot for reference. Similar to that can we make a contact sheet where the downloaded assets in the contact sheet are having fields based on classification.


For example: if I select an asset from classification A it should have some field X and If select another asset from classification B it should have some field Y.

Content Types / Metadata Orders / Sharing

I definitely +1 this. We are limited to having a single schema for the entire environment when there are different content types, users, and user groups, all with different metadata needs. There is no single catch-all schema for our users. Whether it is by classification, or if users are permitted to select the fields they want to include, we need more customization to the fields including in a contact sheet or metadata export.

I opened a similar Voice Request in regards to the Metadata Export limitations: https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/2022-ability-to-select-which-metadata-fields-are-included-in-export


For now we're putting this enhancement request in shelved state to understand through voting how common this request is.