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Allow All option in Report API like in Parameter Screen

Karthik Balakrishnan 3 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 2 months ago 2

While report manually we are able to select "allow all" check box in Parameter screen. but we are not able to do the same in Report API for same report.


Say I want to build report to search users with different filters (First Name, Last Name and Login ID).

In this case with current capacity i need to create 3 different reports. one report with First Name as parameter and 2nd with Last name as parameter and so on. 

we can use REST API, but I need to trigger multiple calls to get complete information about one user.

So we need ability to send "All" option through Report API

In Review

Hi Karthik, 

You are correct that this is not available today. Can you elaborate on the full use case - who is making the calls to get this data back and what does that look like - is this an automated process, another application, etc.?