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Ability to search and sort via quick filter on a filtered list/view

Alex Gregorio 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Carolyn Mccarthy 2 months ago 2

We need the ability to sort and/or search information via quick filter. i.e. A view that is pulling in specific Activity Types, does not equal a specific Activity ID, and is equal to a specific owner no longer allows me to sort or use the quick filter to access Activity Type, Activity ID, or Owner fields.  

Use case is for our auditors where we have to omit certain activities numbers in a saved view but they need to be able to search the list by activity number and are unable to do so unless we surface those activities that are not supposed to be in the list. In these cases, another EA cannot be used to remove the activities from the list.

Hi Eric,

There are times that when we set up views for our auditors, we need to omit certain activity numbers (there is no other data we can use in the criteria to omit them).  Then, the auditors want to search WITHIN the existing list...by activity number.  They cannot because the activity number filter is on. 

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I am not sure I am following this.  You want to be able to contradict the filters being set via a view within the quick filters?  How would that work in practice?  The view says only show me Activities where type is A, B or C.  But then you want the user in the quick filter to be able to change the Activity Type filter and set it to be G?  The way quick filters work that would then wipe out the "A, B, C" values and only return Activity Types of "G" in the list?

Why not just train the user to click the "filter" button which will open the full filter window, they can then modify the row in the filter they want (using the example above they would add "G" to the list of Activity Types) and then save that filter and it would return what they need?