Poor performance when assigning Roles in Tasks

Sue Davies 3 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 3 months ago 3

There are a couple of usability issues with the Role assignment on a task:

  1. Where there are multiple names it is relatively slow to remove them. The screen takes a second or so to remove the field and refresh and so if having to remove a number of names it takes a little while. Can the performance of this be improved?
  2. When removing names using the back button it loses the cursor focus and you have to click to re-enter the field. If you click into the role assignment field at the end of the name and then press the back button it removes the name but the focus on the window is lost, hence you have to click again. Normal behaviour would be to maintain focus within the field.

(we had raised a Service Now ticket before but it was closed as Feature As Expected and were advised to raise a Voice ticket)


I'm moving this to rejected because, as Steve says below, this is being addressed with the Service Now ticket that was entered for this.

I agree on both points.

its surprise! why performance issue is an Voice request? 

I agree functionality is working. The non functional once like, slow for multiple name assignment, focus loss should be fixed as well.